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Products & Services

TCG Inc. maintains an extensive inventory of new, renew, and refurbished servers, storage, networking, and spare parts from leading manufacturers such as HP, Cisco, Sun, Dell, Brocade, Juniper, and many others. If you need an entire system configured or just need a spare part for next day delivery, we can solve your problem and save you time and money in the process.

Trade In Program

TCG Inc. also offers a trade-in program which ties in with our Asset Recovery, and Recycling Services. This allows you to put your retired equipment to good use, and offset costs, while doing it in a data secure, environmentally friendly manner. Whether you choose HP EVA, 3PAR, or MSA Storage, Cisco Switches, Sun, or Dell Servers, or all the above, we can be your sole source for it all. In addition, we can provide a Maintenance and Service Solution. Months down the road if you need to upgrade or add to your configuration, we can make it as easy and cost effective as possible.

Team Working in the System Room

Maintenance & Service Support

When considering your maintenance support, TCG Inc can give you flexible options. Looking for reliable service while staying within your budget can be challenging. TCG Inc. has partnered with major manufacturers and highly ranked third party maintenance providers. With flexibility not found with other companies, TCG Inc. can help you accomplish your service goals and requirements. We offer various levels of support based on your company's needs at a local or national level.

Asset Recovering & Recycling

At TCG Inc. we are customer centric. We know all customers are not alike and require programs customized to their needs.

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