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TCG focuses on your fundamental needs to make your business successful.



TCG prides itself in having one of the lowest warranty return rates in the industry. Quality has always been a number one priority. Our quality test processes, warehousing techniques, and packing standards are the best in the industry.



Providing the best level of service possible has been the foundation of our business from day one. We want your repeat business and hope that if you find doing business with us is a pleasurable experience you will let others know as well. 



Flexibility is what allows us to successfully interact with all types of customers. All businesses are molded in there own unique way. We tailor our programs to accomodate almost any business model and will develop a win/win process that creates a seamless synergy between companies.



In todays world, data security is daily headline news. Theft of sensitive data is on the increase and avoiding this risk is essential for any business. All of TCG's recycling, and asset recovery services are completely 100% data secure, landfill free, and EPA compliant. Our data wiping software has been approved by the DOD, Department of Homeland Security, Deptartment of Navy, and Army, as well as IBM, and HP. We realize that data security is critical to any business model.


We live in an ever changing market when it comes to technologies, services, and conveniences. The one thing that stays constant is the need to be cost effective, and cost competitive. We all live within the boundries of our financial resources and being on or below budget is a day to day struggle. TCG always strives to put money back in your pocket whenever possible. Our products and services are always very competitive without sacrificing the level of quality or service. Our Asset Recovery, and Recycling Programs are geared towards providing some type of revenue back to you as well.


TCG has a friendly team of professionals who have from 15 to 35 years of IT experience serving a constantly changing market, with swiftly evolving technologies and services. At the end of the day, it's all about having a solid, trusting business relationship that you can count on, and is by your side when it matters most.

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